The Founder

Gigi “Ranger” Ellis, MBA, MA, CPG

Aging with Compassion was born from a lifelong passion for the aging and a dedication to a life of helping people age with dignity, respect, independence, and grace.

As my life unfolded and I experienced other cultures in other cities and states, I never lost the burning passion within me for the elderly. It seemed that in some manner my career path was always in the healthcare industry but without that license I was limited with my ability to truly make a difference in the lives of the aging, or so I believed. Ultimately in 2003 at the age of 40 I began a journey to “find my purpose in life”.

I was born and raised in Silver City, NM where my mother (Helen Ranger) worked for many years at the local hospital and where I gave birth to all 4 of my children. While mother was working, I spent much of my time, as a child, with my grandmothers (Marvel “Nana” Woodward and Ida “Grammie” Ranger). Nana and Grammie would spend endless hours teaching me crafts, gardening, cooking, and other interesting activities that would keep me preoccupied for many hours. Momma focused on teaching me to be a good person and to live my life with integrity, ethically, trustworthy, and with compassion for others.
Upon completion of two master degrees, I became credentialed as a Gerontologist and in 2013 moved back to Silver City to assist my sister in caring for our aging mother. After mother passed away in February of 2014, I remained in Silver City with the intention of giving back to a community abounding with an aging population; thus the creation of Aging With Compassion (an errand service and more). I will provide you with that EXTRA THAT YOU WISH FOR!


2011- Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a Healthcare Administration focus.

2013- Master of Arts – Human Services (MA) Gerontology

2014-Certified Professional Gerontologist (CPG)


Gerontologists view aging in terms of four distinct processes: chronological aging, biological aging, psychological aging, and social aging.

  • Chronological aging is the definition of aging based on a person's years lived from birth

  • Biological aging refers to the physical changes that reduce the efficiency of organ systems

  • Psychological aging includes the changes that occur in sensory and perceptual processes, cognitive abilities, adaptive capacity, and personality

  • Social aging refers to an individual's changing roles and relationships with family, friends, and other informal supports, productive roles and within organizations.

 Since Gerontologists are trained by significant study in the biology, psychology, sociology, lifespan development and ethics of aging, good Gerontologists can do the following for their aging clients and/or family members:

  • Determine specific needs of the individual based on his/her preferences and capacities in regards to social, environmental and lifestyle changes.

  • Promote successful aging for the clients and their family members.

  • Identify potentials and probabilities for aging populations based on their specific parameters.