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I thank GiGi for getting me in touch with Compassionate Arms Assisted Living. I was looking for a place for my wife Lee to stay at while I was having heart surgery. She also did a study on Lee for dementia. I am completely satisfied with what she has done for us. Very courteous, friendly and professional.
— Leon Pearce, Silver City, NM 09/04/2015
Gigi,Aging With Compassion is helping an aging person get thru some rough times, helping her stay in her own home for now, with responsible people to provide her homecare services. With Sincere Gratitude!
— Joseph .A. Guerra (Silver City) 08/30/2015
Thank you Gigi for your help taking care of my mom. My mom and I enjoy talking to you and we appreciate your positive and take-charge attitude. It is a relief for me that I do not have to worry about her when I am away.
— Carol B. (Silver City) 06/23/2015
I would recommend Gigi and Aging with Compassion for anybody who is suffering with health issues, is getting up there in age, or just needs a little extra help around the house. As my mom is getting older, I’ve asked Gigi to come in to her home and help her with her grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and taking her to her appointments. As our parents get older we all start to see that they shouldn’t be driving. Gigi has really helped us in delivering a solution where my mom doesn’t need to drive anymore. My mom loves her and is happy to see her. Gigi checks on my mother by going to her house every other day and also calls her daily. It is a huge relief for my brother and me. Aging with Compassion will end up being a solution that allows us to keep my mother in her home longer, where she is most happy and most healthy.

Gigi provides us with an itemized bill each week which delineates both time and expenses. She is a true professional and I would recommend she and Aging with Compassion enthusiastically.
— -Chris K. (Arizona) 05/14/2015
AWC is a life saver! I live in Oklahoma and not able to care for my mom like she needs but Gigi takes care of her with the love I would like. I recommend AWC to all who have parents who need care that you can’t provide because you live far away.
— Bob Mendoza (Oklahoma) 05/04/2015
Gigi, thank you so much for everything. You have taken a great load off my shoulders. I am so glad I found you.
— Florence Rowell (Silver City)
I enjoy “not” having to go to the grocery store – now that you are taking care of that chore for me. On top of that, you bring the groceries into the house for me and get them ready to put in the cabinets. You are so kind to help me and I know you will be there for me if I need you to do other things for me. You are trust worthy and cheerful and you brighten my day when I see you. Thank you for starting this new business in Silver City
— Isla Faye Johnson (Silver City)

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